Month: April 2016

Unbelievable recommendations for 4/13/2016

moon knight jeff lemire

Another great week in comics! We have the return of Mark Spector in Jeff Lemire’s Moon Knight #1. Brian Wood brings us a new Viking Epic in Black Road, The Unbelievable Gwenpool gets her own book, and we finally find out how C-3PO lost his arm! All of this and more awaits within our doors, so come on down to see what’s in store!


Explosive Recommendations for 4/6/2016!

black panterh

Welcome true believers! There are so many new books out this week, there’s almost too many!┬áThe return of Black panther, Poe Dameron’s new ongoing book, Mark Millar’s Empress, and Nick Spencer reunites with Steve Lieber for The Fix! Come on down to comic shop far, far away, to check out what’s good!