The Worst Recommendations for 2/24/2016


We’re back again! Stop by to meet the Worst X-Man ever, or to witness The coming of The Super-Men! Frank Miller’s Dark Knight III epic continues, and Warren Ellis’ Karnak finally returns to shelves everywhere! It’s looking to be a wild week, so check out what’s amazing below!


New comic: Saga #34

Saga 34Brian K. Vaughan’s epic continues! In the newest chapter our characters encounter plight after plight, but at the end of the day we learn that new friends are silver.




New comic: The Worst X-man Ever #1 of 5

worst x man ever
Bailey Hoskins has just discovered he’s a mutant. For someone who’s never been special, never stood out, discovering he’s “gifted” is truly a gift-entry into the halls of Xavier’s School for Gifted Children and into the ranks of the world-famous X-Men! Unfortunately…Bailey might just be the worst X-Man ever. Max Bemis, frontman of the band Say Anything, kicks off his first Marvel miniseries by teaming with stellar artist Michael Walsh (SECRET AVENGERS, HANK JOHNSON) to bring us the story of a misfit among misfits.
Rated T+


New comic: Outcast #16

Kyle is alone facing one of his most dangerous exorcisms to date.  This one won’t be prettyoutcast 16

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