This week’s recommendations are brought to you by DEADPOOL! 2/10/2016

deadpool birthday

A very happy birthday to everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth! Unlike most birthdays, there’s a shocking twist! DEADPOOL is giving the gifts to YOU! DEADPOOL is in LITERALLY EVERYTHING this week! (Note: DEADPOOL will not actually be featured in every comic you open this week)


New Comic: The Legend of Wonder Woman #2 of 9

legend of wonder woman 2
As their training sessions grow more intense, Alcippe teaches Diana about life as well as battle while the island they both love continues its fall. When the festival of Anthesteria dawns, so too does the possibility of an Amazonian revolt against Queen Hippolyta!


New Comic: Weirdworld #3 


Becca the Earthgirl! Goleta the Wizardslayer! Catbeast! A fellowship of adventurers who might kill each other.
Goleta’s badass muscle car needs an enchanted gizmo, and the only person who has one isn’t feeling generous.
Morgan Le Fay makes a move against Becca– and triggers a war on Weirdworld!


New Comic: Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #3 of 6

batman tmnt 3

The Batcave is overrun with turtles-and its landlord is not at all pleased about it. But Batman’s going to have to put aside his animosity toward his uninvited guests because he’s about to have his first run-in with their deadliest enemy, Shredder! Meanwhile, the Turtles must face up to the grim possibility that they might never get back to their world.

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