Month: February 2016

The Worst Recommendations for 2/24/2016


We’re back again! Stop by to meet the Worst X-Man ever, or to witness The coming of The Super-Men! Frank Miller’s Dark Knight III epic continues, and Warren Ellis’ Karnak finally returns to shelves everywhere! It’s looking to be a wild week, so check out what’s amazing below!


Our Amazing Recommendations for 2/17/2016


It’s an exciting week for comic book fans! Hot off the heels of the DEADPOOL movie, we’ve got the long-anticipated return of everyone’s favorite street crime fighters in Power Man and Iron fist #1. We walk the road to Civil War II with Avengers Standoff #1 by Nick Spencer, where things kick off with a shocking twist! Jason Aaron’s Star Wars saga kicks off its rebel prison arc, and Rick Remender is back with Devolution #2! Who knows what else is in store? Read below to find out!


This week’s recommendations are brought to you by DEADPOOL! 2/10/2016

deadpool birthday

A very happy birthday to everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth! Unlike most birthdays, there’s a shocking twist! DEADPOOL is giving the gifts to YOU! DEADPOOL is in LITERALLY EVERYTHING this week! (Note: DEADPOOL will not actually be featured in every comic you open this week)